How To Choose A New Shower Liner

Installing a shower liner is one of the best methods of avoiding a lot of mess in your bathroom. It allows you to splash and enjoy your shower without worrying about having to clean the water from the floors later on. This is why most bathrooms feature this accessory, and this is why you should consider getting one too, if you haven’t already.

The only problem is that choosing your shower liner or curtain is not as easy as you may think. First of all, the material is extremely important. PVC, for instance, can make you very sick, due to the off-gassing phenomenon. You can prevent this from happening by avoiding those products that have a strong smell. Besides, you can always read the labels and stay away from all potentially toxic chemicals. In addition, you might want to pick a product that’s odorless and eco friendly. If it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, you are going to be safer. Besides, if you have children, you should consider their health as well, and do whatever you can to protect them. We live in a polluted world anyway, so we should avoid toxins whenever we can. If you can’t choose what air to breathe outside your house, you can, at least, make your indoor environment a bit safer. Your health is worth spending a little bit more money on high quality household appliances and accessories. After all, sickness can be very costly, if not life threatening, so it makes sense to avoid getting poisoned slowly and surely by your surrounding items.

Ideally, you should choose a curtain or a liner made from PEVA, with water repellent properties and protected against mold and mildew. Besides, you should make sure the fabric is machine washable, as you are going to need to clean it from time to time. The shower curtain is actually one of the dirtiest things in a home, so you should make sure you clean and disinfect it on regular basis. This is why you need to be able to wash it. Otherwise, you may need to replace it every few months, so it’s best to pay a little more money in the beginning for a better quality product you can use for a longer time.

When doing your research, you can take a look into features such as bottom magnets and reinforced grommets. The bottom magnets, especially, are very effective against accidental spills. Besides, they hold the curtain in position, preventing it from sticking to your body.

Apart from the above mentioned things, you can choose whatever color, style and model you like most. If you prefer a hookless model, go for it. If you don’t mind those hooks, get one that has them, but make sure it has reinforced grommets, as they are going to prevent your liner from tearing apart.

Your choice can influence your health and your overall well-being and happiness, so do yourself a favor and avoid making a decision based solely on price. You are going to be happy for that.

5 Considerations In Finding The Perfect Shower Curtains

Not all showers need shower curtains, as some showers have sliding doors or their own solid physical partitions. However, many showers, especially most bathtub/shower combos do need shower curtains, for the sake of privacy and keeping water from getting all over the bathroom. To find the right shower curtains for your home, keep reading to learn 5 considerations to keep in mind.

1) How transparent are the curtains? Some curtains are opaque, whereas others are transparent, or at least partially. If a bathroom might be shared or interrupted, then anyone showering might prefer to have solid colored shower curtains that do not even reveal the human shadow or form. However, such curtains can also make the shower claustrophobic and when closed make the entire bathroom feel smaller in overall size. This can be minimized to some degree with white or light colored curtains.

2) Is the decor of the bathroom already decided, or is the shower curtain a starting point? While solid colored shower curtains and some conservative patterns can match a broad range of decor themes, you still need to make sure that everything matches. If your bathroom already has a pre-existing look, then it narrows down your possible choices. However, if you are decorating a new bathroom or redecorating, then the choice of shower curtain holds quite a few possibilities. Given that it is likely to be the largest physical element within a room, how it looks becomes central to the total appearance.

3) Is it machine washable? Shower curtains don’t automatically stay clean just because they have soap and water hit them every time someone showers. In fact, that makes them among the dirtiest surfaces in your home. Shower curtains that are machine washable make it easy to keep up with a regular cleaning schedule. Don’t lose heart if you find one that you love that isn’t machine washable though, as there are many simple ways to clean shower curtains that you really care enough about to do so.

4) Will kids be using the bathroom? As much as you love your children or the kids that visit your home, they can be quite destructive, even without meaning too. Playing in the tub or slipping in the shower can mean grabbing onto the shower curtain and hanging on for dear life. This can mean the curtains get yanked down, and that usually results in tears where the hooks are. Your choices here are to either go with cheaper, expendable curtains in the kid’s bathroom, or spend a little more for something rugged that can take the beating.

5) Does your bathroom already have hooks? Some shower curtains don’t need hooks and attach on their own to the rod from which they are going to hang. On the other hand, most shower curtains do need hooks to hang with. Make sure that any shower curtain you buy is compatible with the hooks you already have, otherwise you’ll have to buy new hooks. However, this is a small expense, and new hooks might improve the look of the bathroom.

Now that you know 5 primary considerations to take into account when shopping for shower curtains, you can make educated choices to find the perfect ones for your home bathrooms, be it the guest bathroom, master bathroom, or the kid’s bathroom.

Want To Know About A Shower Curtain?

There are few things in this world quite like a hot shower on a day when there has been nothing but pressure, be it from work, travel or making the most of a weekend. It becomes almost ritualistic, but in the end there’s nothing quite like standing under a stream of hot water and letting all the pressure melt away as best your mind will allow. Scientific research even indicates that showering lowers stress levels in human beings, something that any overworked person who oftentimes finds themselves needing to bathe will attest. Some people even find showering the most relaxing, less pressured time of their entire days.

However, some equipment is necessary for a good shower. While the shower head attached to running water is the obvious one, other equipment such as towels and toiletries will also be more than a little essential to a good shower. Some showers are intended solely as showers and have doors that keep water from spilling out of the shower, where it presents a safety hazard and under bad circumstances can also fuel the growth of unsightly scum or potentially hazardous molds. Other showers are intended to double as bath tubs. Those showers will typically need a shower curtain in order to function as showers as well as bath tubs.

A good shower curtain can be essential to a good shower. These simple appliances are generally hung from a railing around the bath tub and split into two sections, one on either side of the bath tub’s edge. This keeps excessive water from the shower head from spilling on to the floor and leading to the various problems described above. Installing a shower curtain can be a challenge on a bad day, but by and large, unless the curtain is damaged or the railing around the bath tub is damaged, it can be done by most able bodied adults, as well as older children and some spry seniors. While it shouldn’t be installed while the floor of the bathroom is wet, otherwise the task is at worst irritating.

Shower curtains are generally at least partially plastic, sometimes entirely plastic for the sake of providing proper water proofing. Some of these appliances are also at least partially cloth for the sake of appearances, generally a type of cloth that can survive regular exposure to water without taking any real damage to its shape or structure. There are a wide range of these appliances for sale across the world, and while not all of them are suitable for all bathrooms, knowing what you need is important before buying one. On the lighter side of the matter, they also come in a wide range of designs and colors to add a personal touch to your bathroom rather than a simple generic look.

Hot showers are a great thing to have when the pressure’s on, but keeping a bathroom clean and relatively dry is important to the household as a whole. The right devices lining a bathroom can make a great deal of difference in the safety of a shower, as well as add some color to even a dull bathroom.

What Are PEVA Shower Curtains?

Polyethylene vinyl acetate or PEVA is a material that is mainly used as a PVC alternative in most of the toy and shower curtain products today. It is considered a PVC-free and non-chlorine material that is biodegradable. PEVA shower curtains have become extremely popular these days as a viable alternative to vinyl shower curtains on the market. This article provides a comprehensive overview of important factors of PEVA shower curtains.

The highly popular vinyl shower curtain may look gorgeous covering your bathtub but the fabric used to create a curtain is quite toxic and volatile. PVC or polyvinyl chloride shower curtains are quite dangerous since the fabric consists of chlorine which is responsible for creating a carcinogenic chemical called dioxin. This chemical can penetrate the food chain and be toxic to your health in the long run. Even the EPA or the United States Environmental Protection Agency has issued a warning about the health risk of PVC shower curtains. In fact, a PVC product has up to 108 poisonous compounds and chemicals such as dioxins, mercury, and phthalates. PVC shower curtains spread poisonous gases and compounds that stay in the air for many days. This floating substance can harm the human body in many ways. They cann produce a threat to the reproductive and immune systems in the human body. They can even cause cancer in the long run.

This is why experts started looking for an alternative to the vinyl shower curtain. Linen, he,p and cotton can be useful options but they are quite costly. This is where PEVA curtains come in handy. They are regarded as the best alternative to replace vinyl shower curtains on the market. PEVA is chlorine-free, PVC-free, and biodegradable. It is mostly used for shower curtains, toy products, and baby bibs. Compared to most other environmentally-friendly alternatives, PEVA is quite affordable. This is why there are many consumers reviewing the product positively. You find so many positive customer reviews and testimonials for this product. Most of the online forums are full with positive reviews for this product.

There are many things to consider when buying the best shower curtain on the market. Do your homework properly before buying the right curtain for your bathroom. The internet is the best resource to perorm such research. You may find many e-commerce stores listed on the SERPs. Compare the prices and quality of the shower curtain before purchasing the best product on the market. Check for customer reviews and testimonials when deciding to buy the best shower curtain for your bathroom.

Finding the best shower curtain might not be an easy task after all. There are so many important factors to look for when buying a shower curtain. Vinyl curtains pose a health risk to your and your loved ones. This is why you need to shift to PEVA curtains immediately. This article provides information on what s PEVA curtain is and how to save money by shifting to PEVA shower curtains for your bathroom.